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Think about the greatest gift you’ve ever received. The one that really made you feel special and loved. It’s probably not the tablet or the new shoes, as nice as those are. It’s the one that you know took some extra thought. It made you pause to take it in. Without a doubt, it was selected or made just for you

Every great gift has a story behind it. Let's share some of the stories behind the beautiful photo gifts we make for family and friends. 

Gift for Dad: A Wood Print to Show My Appreciation

Dad is my sounding board. He’s always there when I need him. After a tough day at work, or on the approach to one of life’s trickiest hurdles, he knows what to do. For us, we work on a project together. From repainting the porch to trimming the overgrown trees, he knows that working with your hands is a great way to clear the head, and the satisfaction of a job well done often give you a new perspective.

Mom never fails to snap photos of us as we work, or as we unwind afterward. For Dad this Christmas, I want to tell him how much I value these days together. I want to print them out to commemorate the big impact that these little projects have on me.

— Samantha

Photo gift for dad, wood print SC1Gift for Dad: Wood Prints

Gift for Mom: A Photo Blanket as Warm as She Is

After any day spent with Mom, I always feel full of love. She has boundless generosity, and an innate ability to recognize what I need before I do. Some days, all we need is a cozy afternoon with a kettle of earl grey and a good movie. Other days, we go for a drive to somewhere beautiful, just for the heck of it (and for the photos).

It doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we’re together. For Mom this Christmas, I want to give her something as warm and comforting as her famous hugs. A photo blanket fits the bill, and it’s beautiful, just like she is.

— Emma

Meaningful gift for mom, photo blanket SC1Gift for Mom: Sherpa Photo Blanket

Gift for My Partner: Our Relationship in a Photo Book 

My husband and I have each other’s backs. Not just because we vowed to do so – we want to. He carries the groceries in from the car, and I put them in their rightful places. We know exactly when to whip out an inside joke to ease the other’s stress. We hold each other’s hand when we suddenly get overwhelmed by how fast life is flying by.

As a gift for him this Christmas, I want to capture the essence of us. Through our photos, our quirks, our secret language – I want to make something that’s just ours. 

— Rachel

Gift for husband, wife photo book SC1Gift for husband: Photo Book

Gift for My Sister: A Nod to How Far We’ve Come

Some brothers and sisters have always gotten along. That’s not me and my sister. It was me versus her through our childhood wrapping-paper-roll sword fights, adolescent name calling and teenage battles over who got to ride shotgun. Fortunately, our relationship has matured since then. I think we actually enjoy each other’s company now. Maybe.

But we can’t deny that it’s funny to reminisce over our tumultuous younger years. For my sister this Christmas, I’m contrasting then and now. A wayback photo of us reluctantly occupying the same space, and a recent shot of us choosing to spend time together. 

— Jimmy

Gift for brother, sister photo plaques SC1Gift for brother: Photo Plaques

Gift for My Best Friend: An Acrylic Portrait of Our Unbreakable Bond

My best friend and I go together like turkey and gravy. We’ve been through everything together. We offer pep talks when the other is scared to take a risk, and a shoulder to cry on when the going inevitably gets tough. She’s my duet partner at karaoke night and my adventure buddy on carefree weekends.

As a gift for my best friend on Christmas, I’m turning one of our mid-laugh moments into a printed portrait of our friendship, each of which will last a lifetime.

— Laura

Gift for best friend, acrylic print portrait SC2Gift for best friend: Acrylic Print

If you want to do something truly thoughtful and memorable for family or friends this holiday season, think about the stories and moments you share together. Create gifts that tell those stories. The best gifts are ones that hit you right in the heart when you open them. And that feeling is what the holidays are made for. 


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