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In the market for a new camera? Awesome. When you’ve got the right camera – one that puts you at the sweet spot just outside your photography comfort zone – it will inspire you to grow your skills.

Whether you are documenting family life, photographing travels and adventures, or preparing to turn a hobby into a profession, Sam’s Club has a camera that’s right for you.

Explore our camera guide to determine which camera meets your photography needs and skill level.

Sam’s Club DSLR Camera Guide

What is a DSLR camera? DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex. DSLRs have optical viewfinders which show the reflection of the scene in view as it is bounces off the mirror within. It allows you to see in real time – with no lag – the exact image that you’re going to capture when you press the shutter.

We’ve categorized the Sam’s Club camera selection by skill level and price point to make it easier to shop for yourself or as a gift: entry-level DSLRs, mid-range DSLRs and prosumer-level DSLRs.

Entry-Level DSLR Cameras

Recommended for: The family documentarian

Dive in to the world of professional-quality photography with an entry-level DSLR camera. Start in auto-mode to get comfortable with composition, then flip to manual and start testing out the features one by one as you photograph your family and friends.

These cameras are smaller and lighter than a more advanced DSLR but have a variety of easy-to-navigate settings and lens fittings to capture wide landscapes and stunning portraits.

Sams club camera buying guide, entry level DSLR 1

Key benefits:

  • Lots of lenses to choose from
  • Long battery life
  • 18 to 24MP image sensor
  • HD video
  • Device connectivity

Average price: $450 - $650

Models to consider:

Canon EOS Rebel T6 Bundle

Nikon D3400 DX Bundle

Nikon D3500 DX Bundle


Mid-Range DSLR Cameras

Recommend for: The next-level photo enthusiasts

From landscape stills to action sports, elevate your photography with a versatile, mid-range DSLR camera with advanced capabilities. These cameras aren’t afraid of low light or quick movement. When you get a handle on manual settings, you’ll be able to capture amazing sharpness, rich skin tones and beautiful blurred backgrounds.

Sams club cameras, mid range DSLR 1

Key benefits:

  • Mid weight
  • Lots of lenses to choose from
  • Long battery life
  • 24.2 MP image sensor
  • Full HD video / 60 fps
  • Expanded ISO sensitivity for low-light capabilities
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for image transfer

Average price: $700 - $1000

Models to consider

Canon EOS Rebel T7i 24.2MP

Nikon D5600 24MP


Prosumer-Level DSLR Cameras

Recommend for: The semi-professionals

Take your photography from great to incredible with the highest-quality DSLR cameras that Sam’s Club offers. These cameras provide fast-tracking autofocus, expansive ISO sensitivity range, and the ability to customize with an extensive range of lenses, microphones and lighting tools to capture the perfect shot every time. 

Sams club cameras, prosumer DSLR 1

Key benefits:

  • Heavy weight
  • Lots of lenses to choose from
  • 24.1 – 24.2 MP image sensor
  • Full HD video / 60 fps
  • 45-point AF system
  • High-speed continuous shooting
  • Built in Wi-Fi for image transfer

Average price: $1000 - $1500

Models to consider

Canon EOS 77D 24.2MP

Nikon D7200 24.1MP

Other Sam’s Club Camera Types

DSLR cameras are the best choice for those who are interested in pursuing photography as a serious hobby or profession, or those who just want to capture the best-quality photos of their life. However, there are other types of cameras on the market that are great for people who are just getting started with photography or videography.

Mirrorless Cameras

Recommended for: The social(media)ite

Enjoy most of the benefits of a DSLR camera, just without the viewfinder! Enjoy a great range of manual or automatic controls and excellent image quality – many mirrorless camera sensors capture 24+MP images. Step up your Instagram game with advanced touchscreen controls and selfie mode (select models).

Sams club cameras, mirrorless 1

Key benefits:

  • Relatively compact and lightweight
  • Interchangeable lens
  • Wireless communication to smartphone or tablet
  • Adapters for manual focus lenses
  • Built-in creative filters

Average price: $400 - $800

Models to consider

FUJIFILM X-A3 Mirrorless

Sony A6000 24MP


Point and Shoot Cameras

Recommended for: The just-for-fun beginner

Want to capture high-quality photos without a big commitment? Point and shoot cameras are affordable and most are pocket-sized. Simple auto settings make it quick and easy to capture moments, and the range of Sam's Club cameras provides great image quality and device connectivity options.

Most point and shoot cameras have electronic viewfinders and a fixed lens.

Sams club cameras, point and shoot 1

Key benefits:

  • Very compact
  • Easy to operate
  • Small sensor
  • 3x to 50x optical zoom
  • Capture 720 or 1080 HD video
  • Built-in image stabilization/shake reduction
  • Built-in creative filters

Average price: $100 - $400

Models to consider

Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 IS 20 MP

Canon PowerShot SX530 HS 16 MP

Nikon B500 16MP, 40x

Canon PowerShot G9X Mark II



Recommended for: The family movie-maker

Prefer making movies? Document your family life, special events or exciting adventures with a camcorder. Capture incredible sights you see or everyday family playtime so that you can watch and relive moments you love again and again. 

Sams club cameras, camcorders 1

Key benefits:

  • Excellent optical zoom range
    (30x and up)
  • Dynamic image stabilization
  • Delivers full HD video

Average price: $150 - $250

Models to consider

Sony HDRCX440BSAM Bundle

Canon VIXIA HFR800 Bundle


Action Cameras

Recommended for: The outdoor enthusiast

Capture all the action with cameras that can handle a bumpy road and the splash zone. Hands-free action cameras are the easiest way to capture HD video of your outdoor escapades.

Sams club cameras, action GoPro 1

Key benefits:

  • Mountable with accessories (hands-free)
  • HD videos
  • Ultra-wide angle or fisheye lens
  • Lightweight
  • Durable – resistant to impact, water, dust and more (additional gear required for certain models)

Average price: $100 - $350

Models to consider

GoPro HERO5 Bundle

Samsung Gear 360 Camera

360fly HD Action Camera

Spypoint XCEL HD Hunt Action

Ready to take the photography plunge? Order online or head to your local Sam's Club and visit the Camera department. 


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