Posted by Sam's Club Blogger on Apr 21, 2017 11:01:00 AM

If you follow a standard full-time work schedule, you’re in the office 40 hours per week. For a lot of us, the majority of those 40 hours are spent right at our desks. So why not personalize it? Desk accessories and cubicle décor can add function, organization and inspiration, which will brighten up any tough day.

Corporate offices tend to be a delightfully dry mixture of white, beige and gray. Well – that right there is an opportunity. Here are some Sam’s Club Photo tips to create a workspace that will make you smile every morning.

1. The Classic: Prints

Take a look around your office and you’ll probably see some of your coworkers with a few family photos taped or pinned to their cubicle wall. That’s a start, but there are so many other ways to decorate with prints in a way that fits your style.

A fun, easy project is to create a picture clothesline to hang behind your computer. Collect some of your favorite photos, a long piece of white cord or twine and a set of clips that you like. You can even wrap it with a string of small lights for an eclectic twist. Or, keep it simple by featuring a few of your best family photos in a refined set of stylish frames.  

desk accessories cubicle decor - photo prints SC1.jpg

2. Lamps & Plants

If you’re not one of the lucky ones who sit next to a window, you may need a fresh break from florescent lighting or stuffy office air. Take matters into your own hands by adding nifty lamp to your desk, and add a refreshing pop of color with a small plant or low-maintenance flower. 

3. Mousepads & Mugs

You can also incorporate photos into your office décor through practical means. Choose one great photo or create a collage mousepad that will add vibrancy and comfort to your desk. With a collage, you can add up to 30 photos, customize the layout and border color, and add a caption.

Be greeted by the faces of family and friends with a personalized photo mug. There are many sizes, colors and varieties you can choose from, including the tall latte style or a stainless steel travel mug. It’ll inspire you stretch the legs for a refill during a busy day. 

desk accessories cubicle decor - mousepad mug SC1.jpg

4. Desk Accessories

If it helps you stay organized, get desk accessories that coordinate with a certain color scheme or material. Pencil cups, filing racks, business card holders and paper clips – go the extra mile by getting a matching set. Shop around and you may even find an all-in-one, multi-functional desk organizer in a style you like, some of which even include a smartphone stand. 

5. Designs & Quotes

Want to decorate with framed prints but prefer not to put family and friends on display in the office? Find a beautiful landscape shot, a printable pattern, or design one yourself with a quote that motivates you. Feel free to swap them out as the seasons and your preferences change to keep things interesting. Your coworkers will be jealous of how awesome your space is and be inspired to step up to your level. 

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