Posted by Sam's Club Blogger on Nov 20, 2019 1:44:50 PM

The holidays are a magical time—there are gifts and parties, eggnog and mince pies, festive sweaters and mountains of excellent food. It’s a whirlwind of fun and activity, and at the heart of the whirlwind is the chance to spend time with your loved ones. There’s a warm, contented, cozy feeling that you get from those quiet moments snuggled up with your family in front of a cheesy movie or laughing with a few old friends over a home-cooked dinner—in Denmark they call this hygge. To help you make the most of these special moments, we have a few top tips to make your home as cozy as it can be this holiday season.  

1. Stay toasty warm

There are few cozier moments than being wrapped up in a soft fleece blanket with a steaming cup of cocoa, watching the first snow fall outside the window. We love these warm wintery moments! If you love them too, why not choose an ultra-soft Sherpa Fleece Photo Blanket to snuggle up in? A velvety front design featuring your favorite photo, combined with a super-soft Sherpa backing, makes for an especially cozy experience. Wow your holiday guests with a great personalized design or wrap one up and put it under the tree as a unique and thoughtful gift. If you love the idea but already have an abundance of blankets, you can also add personal touches to your couch with customizable photo pillows.


2. Get the look you love

The holidays are a key time for home decorating. Everyone has their unique festive traditions, whether that’s tinsel, streamers and baubles, or holly, mistletoe and pinecones! One of the many wonderful things about holiday decorating is that there’s no right or wrong, it just needs to make you happy. This year we’re especially keen on the shabby chic look and we love these personalized Rustic Wood Prints. What better way to immortalize your favorite landscape or your best family snap while giving your home that delightful country-cottage vibe?


3. Add a cup of warm cocoa

To really complete the warm, festive image, all you need is a steaming cup of your favorite hot beverage. Breathe in the delicious scent of a pumpkin spice latte, warm your hands on a mug of eggnog, or indulge in a rich hot chocolate, piled high with whipped cream and marshmallows. Not just your favorite hot drink, but a drink served in your perfect mug, designed by you for you. This might be a 17oz latte mug showing your best silly photo of your pet, or an 11oz collage mug combining your favorite family snaps!


Want to spread the cozy hygge feeling with a gift that’s practical as well as delightful? Pick out the size, color and design that best suits the recipient and in no time your gift will become a treasured part of their morning routine. Impress your outdoorsy friend or partner with your thoughtfulness by customizing a stainless-steel tumbler! Or for an extra-magical touch, wow your nieces, nephews and grandchildren with a Magic Mug—just pour in hot water and watch their faces light up as the plain black mug reveals the photo of your choice in a modern tile design. 




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