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One of the greatest joys in life is traveling—it’s a way to learn about different cultures, build new friendships and sharpen the mind. Whether you’re backpacking in Europe or visiting ancient pyramids in Egypt, every day is a new adventure.

But time spent traveling always flies by too quickly. Before you know it, you’re back at home scrolling through the hundreds of photos on your camera roll, replaying the memories in your head.

Turn those snapshots of faraway sights into something tangible with these five creative travel photo printing ideas.

1. Your Worldly Adventures in One Place

A trusted cure for vacation withdrawals is the joy of flipping through a beautiful book of travel photos. Create a travel photo book to relive the adventures of each day in one cohesive story. Incorporate pictures of the delicious food you sampled, the breathtaking scenery, and the portraits of you and your travel mates.

Include photos and captions to remember the new friends you met along the way, whose impact will always stay with you. Personalize the photo album cover with the destination and year to keep all of your vacation photo books organized

Travel Photos, Photo Book SC1

2. 365 Days of Travel

When you’re looking at your calendar 365 days a year, the photos for each month will resonate meaningfully with you if they’re from your own excursions and road trips. The warm memories of lazier times will bring peace to busy days, and they’ll motivate you as you work towards your next dream destination.

Custom calendars allow you to highlight important dates with photos and text, making them extra special. A family photo filled with bright smiles at Disneyland will provide comfort when you’re scheduling a meeting. Or add a shot from a beautiful Hawaiian beach to your photo calendar to inspire you as you count down the days until your next trip.

Travel Photos, Calendar SC1

3. Rebuilding Memories

Whether you’re four or 74, solving a puzzle is an enjoyable pastime. Create a custom puzzle with your favorite travel photo to bring family or friends together to recreate the memory—literally and figuratively. Premium photo puzzles are available in 110 or 252 pieces (if you’re seeking a bigger challenge), printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper—perfect for your family photos in front of vibrant scenes and famous landmarks.

Need a souvenir for the kids? They’ll be filled with excitement once they see a picture of their own faces coming together on a children’s puzzle, featuring thicker pieces.

Travel Photos, Puzzle SC1

4. Eye-Catching Wall Décor

Unsure of how to display your gorgeous photo of the mountains covered in snow, or the nighttime shot of the skyscrapers in Japan? A metal print is your answer. It’s a stunning way to display grand photos of scenery and landscapes in your home décor.

The large picture vibrantly pops out and catches the attention of everyone who enters the room. This custom wall décor is best for showing fine details, and the shine of the metal print compliments water, metal and light making for a showstopping piece.

Metal Print of city skyline above sofa

5. Personalized Pillow

Decorative pillows are essential in your home décor. Custom picture pillows bring you closer to the travel memories you hold dear. Choose photos that feature unforgettable moments or serene scenes. The snapshot of your bike ride through the city of Amsterdam will bring back the carefree feel of your vacation.

Travel Photos, Pillow SC1

It’s always bittersweet to come home after a relaxing holiday, but the memories made don’t have to be left behind. These travel photo projects are a way to share your experiences with your loved ones, and a friendly reminder that the world is a big place waiting to be explored. 


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