Posted by Sam's Club Blogger on Jan 7, 2020 1:07:49 PM

The blank slate of a new year often inspires a new series of self-improvement resolutions. Making those goals a reality can be challenging for even the most confident of us. 

Remember last year's resolution? If you achieved it, compliments to you! If not, take a new approach this time around. Sam’s Club Photo has a few words of advice to keep you on track and to document your journey. 

1. Goals Should Be Reasonable

It’s great to have grand aspirations, but unrealistic or unmanageable goals can set you up for disappointment. Rather than planning to lose a certain number of pounds or save a specific amount, create tangible, periodic guidelines that you know you can stick to.

Select days of the week to go to the gym, and days of the month to dine out. If you can stick to the small-scale goals, the greater outcome will fall into place. 

2. Play the Long Game

Creating a plan is essential for challenging resolutions like developing a new skill. Take gardening for example: you can daydream about blossoming petunias and beds of veggies, but it's easy to lose motivation looking at a backyard that needs more than a little sprucing up. 

To start on the right path, create a timeline. Determine how many hours you can realistically invest in the project each week, then set manageable monthly goals. As the ultimate planning tool, create a calendar that's tailored to your resolution. Customize the pages with photos that'll inspire you and personalize your mini milestones—seeing them every day will be a constant source of motivation. 

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3. Diversify Your Tactics

Say you’re trying to learn a foreign language before jetting off at the end of the year. You might take advantage of your commute time by listening to audio lessons, but make sure you stay engaged in your learning by mixing up your approach. Try reading a foreign news article once per week. Download a language app and a foreign playlist to train through games and music. Call on your social networks to find a multilingual friend you can practice conversations with.

To document your trip or celebrate the success of your goal, take photos and send out personalized thank you cards to those who helped you! SAM - New Years resolution goals 2

4. Remember the Journey

Whether you’re learning to cook, refinishing the basement, or trying to volunteer more—appreciate every step. Take photos along the way to track your progress and help you look back on the experience! Not only will they help keep you accountable, but they'll make the entire process more enjoyable and rewarding. When your goal becomes reality, fill a beautiful photo book with the challenges you overcame, the memories you made, and the friends who helped along the way. 

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