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Admiring the glimmering lights as you walk down the street, pulling out the classic Christmas movies, and having time to kick back and relax with loved ones—the holidays truly are the most wonderful time of the year.

This season, spread happiness and cheer among your family and friends with these holiday décor ideas for your home.

DIY Card Wreath to Cherish Heartwarming Messages

Sending holiday cards to family and friends is a time-honored tradition—it’s one way to show loved ones that you’re thinking of them during the holiday season. Looking for a way to display the heartfelt cards? Try this simple DIY card wreath that will definitely get you into the festive spirit.

Holiday Home Decor, Unfinished Card Wreath SC1

The variations of this festive craft are endless, from fresh evergreen wreaths to embroidery hoops. Once you have your wreath, spruce it up with seasonal flowers or shimmering beads in colors you love. Add a stylish and sturdy ribbon for easy hanging. Then, you’re ready to decorate it with all the holiday cards you receive from loved ones! Clip them on with clothespins for easy arrangement.

DIY card wreath, SAMUS2

A Christmas Tree of Photo Prints

Setting up the Christmas tree while jolly carols play in the background—that's an activity that never fails to bring people together. This holiday season, mix things up by making a tree of printed photos. Select and print a collection of great photos, then tape them onto an empty wall in your home in the shape of a Christmas tree. Don't forget the trunk!

Photos of your children excitedly baking gingerbread cookies or you and friends gliding into action at the ice rink—this DIY Christmas tree is a tribute to one of the best things about the holidays: time with people you love.

DIY Stockings to Hold Treats and Surprises

Not only are holiday stockings an excellent way to stow gifts, they instantly add cheer and warmth to your home. For a personal twist, turn your ordinary stockings into unique holiday décor by adding monogram pins, buttons, seasonal shapes and tassels. 

If you’re up for the challenge, you can even make your own stockings with plush velvet or classic cotton fabric, or knit them with yarn. Santa will have no trouble spotting them when he fills them with personalized stocking stuffers.

Holiday Home Decor, DIY Stockings SC1

Paper Snowflakes in a Winter Wonderland 

You may or may not be expecting snow in the weather forecast. Either way,  experience a winter wonderland at home by making easy, yet elegant paper snowflake decorations. This is the perfect holiday activity to bond with your kids and inspire creativity, and it requires minimal supplies: just paper, scissors and printable snowflake templates, like these.

What to do with your paper snowflakes:

  • Make them into a table runner
    • One-time use: Line up the snowflakes on the table for a classic, cute look
    • For years to come: Use the snowflakes as a stencil and cover with white paint to liven up a plain linen table runner 
  • Let it snow—String them into hanging curtains to dazzle in your windows

Holiday Home Decor, Making Paper Snowflakes SC1

Add Your Twist to Holiday Garland

Whether it's draped on the doorway, banister or mantel, a garland always makes a  holiday décor collection cohesive. If you use fresh pine, cedar, holly or fir branches, your home will have a delightfully crisp aroma. However, garlands sold at craft stores are a wonderful alternative that's guaranteed to last longer. 

Personalize your garland with decorative accents like pine cones, metallic beads and holly leaves for a beautiful contrast of colors. As the family enjoys time at home for the holidays, this cozy arrangement will allow everyone to unwind and enjoy the serenity of the season.


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