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Your wedding day is one of the biggest milestones of your life. Surrounded by your loved ones, you want to live in the moment and take in all the hugs, laughter and excitement around you. More often than not, the day flies by for everyoneespecially the newlyweds.

It’s not uncommon to experience withdrawals and dream about reliving your big day. A photo book is a unique and personal keepsake. It’s a way to recapture your wedding whether you want to share those memories with your friends, or look back at them with your partner when you’re feeling nostalgic.

Here are six tips on how to design a wedding photo book with a modern touch that will bring back the unforgettable moment when you said “I do.”

1. At First Glance 

The cover of your photo book will be the first reminder of the happiness that filled the room on your special day. If you prefer a minimalistic style, choose a solid-colored backgroundpastel colors give your book a clean and trendy look. Include a short line of text to add character, like the date of your wedding or the names of you and your partner.

To change things up, you can use a photo from the wedding as the backgroundthe smiles on the album cover will warm your heart before you even open the book.

Wedding Photo Books, Cover Idea SC1

2. Different Photos, Different Perspectives

Sorting through photos from your wedding day doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Select 6070 of your ultimate favoritesthe moments that you want to remember forever. It’s key to have a balance between the formal and candid photos in your book. Include the ones from your professional photographer, and from your friends and family. This combination allows you to document different perspectives in the bookfrom the moments looking deeply into your love’s eyes at the altar, to the moments laughing at inside jokes with your bridesmaids.

3. Variation of Layouts

Modern photo books mix it up. Instead of having the same number of photos on each page like a traditional photo album, custom photo books include a variation of layouts. You can showcase several images that tell a story together on a collage, or experiment with full or half page images. Sam's Club's Premium Lay-Flat Photo Book lets you easily create stunning full page spreads. The layout enhances the image to make every little detail stand out.

Wedding Photo Books, Caption Idea SC1

4. A Personalized Touch 

Your choice of fonts and symbolsfound in the custom photo book builderwill add a more personalized touch to your book. Use page captions to add lyrics from your favorite song, phrases you often share, or snippets from your wedding vows. These small yet meaningful additions represent the unique qualities of your relationship.

 5. The Power of Close Ups

A lot of time and effort is spent on every detail of your wedding. When everyone’s caught up in the moment of congratulating the new Mr. and Mrs., it’s easy to forget to appreciate those details that required months to plan and teams of people to execute. Enhance your wedding photo book by including close-up photographs of your attire, décor and venue. It adds diversity to the pictures of you and your guests’ faces and gives you the opportunity to take it all in.

Wedding Photo Books, Close Up Ideas SC1

6. Tell a Story

Ultimately, you want your photo book to tell a storya story about the day you married your best friend. A tale that’s adorned with all the amazing people you both have in your lives. One that lets others sense how you feel at home when you’re with each other.

You can improve the flow of your photo book by focusing less on the chronological order of the pictures. Instead, concentrate on how the photos visually complement each other to help tell your beautiful story.


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