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There’s always a buzz around back-to-school time. Kids mourn the loss of summer freedom, and parents rejoice for the soon-to-be peaceful household (OK, but secretly they're a little teary eyed).

For the first week of every school year, parents and kids make that extra effort. Planning outfits, meal-prepping lunches on Sunday, setting up labeled folders for each kid's homework and forms. Afterwards, well—things usually come unhingedbut that’s life.

Embrace the excitement of the new school year while it’s fresh with a few cute back-to-school photos of your kids. Check out our A+ photo ideas below.

1. Style Goals Come True

That first day outfit is your kid’s style statement for the year. It’s got them feeling confident and ready to take on new classmates, new teachers and new subjects with a pep in their step.

For this back-to-school photo idea, find a nice backdrop around your home or school grounds and photograph them rockin’ their new look while it's still stain free! They can hold a sign that reads their grade and the year to add context to the picture, or you can add this text afterward when you create a little back-to-school photo project like a photo book or family calendar.

Back to school photo ideas, outfit SC1

2. Chalk-Full of Excitement 

Break out the sidewalk chalk during back-to-school season for your kids to draw their dreams!

Ask them what they want they want to be when they grow upthis year, anywayand work together to draw a big picture in chalk to forecast what that might look like. Whether it’s an astronaut’s starry playground or big red firetruck, get up on a ladder to take a bird’s eye photo of your kid interacting in the scene.

Back to school photo ideas, chalk SC1

3. Worldly and Well-Read Youngsters

Take cute photos that anyone will instantly associate with back-to-school by incorporating classic school props. Try a stack of books for little readers or a globe for those with endless curiosity.

You can capture these photo ideas in natural settings like the front steps or at the park on the way to school. Or, look for a colorful wall as a vibrant backdrop to make the framed picture really pop in your home.

Back to school photo props SC2

4. The Good-Luck Hug

As fun and cute as back-to-school photos can be, there’s no denying that it’s still hard to admit that your kids went ahead and got a year older again. Who gave them permission to do that?

Amidst the fun, have your spouse or a fellow parent capture a few shots of you sending your kids off with a big hug, a reassuring smile and an embarrassing holler like the old classic, “Mommy loves you!”

Back to school photo ideas, hugs for parents SC1

Whether you’re full of pride or stifled tears, you’ll still be glad that you caught photos of the big day. Print them out so you can hold on to these photos at home, at work, or years from now when you’re wondering where the time went.


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